worker rights, safety and health care --

Immediate Demands, on behalf of all meat processing workers,  in the Nation:

  • Mandatory testing of all workers for the COVID 19 virus (weekly).
  • Translate all documents relating to safety, health, worker rights and unemployment/workers compensation documents in all languages spoken at facilities and provide to all employees immediately.
  • Provide 800 number phone hotlines in all languages that are spoken by workers and post on employee bulletin boards in all facilities immediately.
  • Post all employee information noted above in concise form on employee bulletin boards in all facilities in such areas as break rooms, locker rooms and other common areas.
  • Provide specific information on the length of rest room breaks (at least 15 minutes / or more) and lunch breaks (at least 45 minutes / or more).  Workers need more time to take off safety gear and relax before going back to work.
  • Immediately enforce, and make mandatory, all Federal OSHA and CDC recommendations on safety procedures in the workplace regarding COVID 19 (ex, OSHA manual #3990).
  • Reduce line speed of work and cutting line work so that workers can safely work at a pace that does not force them to “heat up” especially since they are now wearing masks and shields.  (Workers are currently sweating and perspiring while on the cutting lines due to the extra gear and high speed of work).
  • Employers to provide paid sick leave (not just COVID 19) at a daily 8-hour rate of pay up to 2 weeks.
  • Employers to provide fully paid health care for hospitalization due to COVID 19.  (Many workers are faced with huge out of pocket costs for hospital stays, paying thousands of dollars).
  • Workers to be provided with paid, daily, pre work meetings, for updates on health care benefits and safety provisions.
  • Make permanent all temporary increases in pay, ranging from $3-$5 an hour, that was provided in April and May, for all meatpacking workers.
  • Legal status for all immigrant workers in the food processing industry.
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