LULAC opposes anti-immigrant proposals - 6/21/18

LULAC opposes both anit-immigrant proposals - June 21, 2018  

Yesterday Donald Trump signed an executive order that he claims will end family separation at the border. The reality is that it may not stop separating families, will not reunite the thousands of families already torn apart, and aims to lock up even more children and families. 

Now Trump is calling on Congress to help him put children and their parents into mass prison camps – indefinitely. This is his unspeakably cruel "solution" to family separation. 

In the House, Speaker Paul Ryan is working to pass a bill that would sanction mass immigrant family detention and give Trump a Congressional greenlight on his brutal anti-immigrant agenda. 

Ryan's bill is designed to imprison families. It uses the end of family separation as a way to justify dismantling protections against the jailing of children and families in mass prison camps. It will turbocharge immigration enforcement and it contains Donald Trump's personal anti-immigrant wish list, border wall and all.

Today, the House is voting on Speaker Ryan's immigration bill. Just like Trump's executive order, this bill is holding immigrant children hostage to push forward intolerable family detention – and a slew of other anti-immigrant policies that undermine the Constitution and due process.

Ryan's bill is NOT a solution, nor is the other extremely conservative bill on immigration that will be voted on today.

Speaker Paul Ryan has introduced a bill that claims to address our outcries against family separation and this administration’s widespread abuse of immigrants – but it does no such thing. This is an inhumane, unjust bill that offers more harmful immigration policies disguised as “fixes” for the crises that the Trump administration created.

The Ryan bill’s answer to family separation is to cram immigrant families in prison camps. It does nothing to address Attorney General Sessions’ “zero tolerance” policy on prosecuting asylum seekers. It fails to put a check on the government’s authority to separate families. It militarizes the border. For Dreamers, the bill offers extremely limited legal protection, which could be stripped at any moment if Trump’s border wall loses even a penny of its allotted $23 billion for the border wall and further border militarization. The bill would hold Dreamers hostage in exchange for Trump’s border wall and anti-immigrant wish list.

While the House is voting on two anti-immigrant bills, Speaker Ryan’s bill poses a particular threat because it masquerades as a compromise – that’s why we have to shut it down immediately.

Trump is responsible for separating families and ending DACA. He created these moral crises – and is now using young immigrants and families to force Congress to give him all the cruel anti-immigrant measures he wants. Don’t let our representatives give in. Call now to tell them we won’t stand for this brutality.

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